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Blooming Inc

[South Korea]Plantable X-mas Card Box

A card box for water culture for combined use of card postcard and photo frame. It is a model developed to be able to insert photo or card postcard, fabricating pop-up box for water culture. Particularly, the part to make the space empty to be able to write on the message floor was the biggest agony. It is a card box for water culture, once give water only, that can cultivate plant since both seed and mat for plant cultivation are put together. Can insert card or photo on the back side, and[...]


[South Korea]Blooming Card

Blooming card is made with natural organic organism mat which hold the plant seed. Just water it and microscopic organism will propagate itself to supply nutrition for the plants. Plants will stay tiny and it is suitable for small spaces. It can be grows for years depends on the plants. It is frame type to display on top of the desk, and it will keep send your messages as long as plant grow in it.[...]