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Blooming Inc

[South Korea] Plantable X-mas Card Box

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A card box for water culture for combined use of card postcard and photo frame.

It is a model developed to be able to insert photo or card postcard, fabricating pop-up box for water culture. Particularly, the part to make the space empty to be able to write on the message floor was the biggest agony.

It is a card box for water culture, once give water only, that can cultivate plant since both seed and mat for plant cultivation are put together. Can insert card or photo on the back side, and can write a message on the box.

It induces dwarfishness of the plant, makes it grow slow, makes continuous message delivery possible during cultivation of the plant. Material(mat) for plant cultivation that is manufactured with natural fiber is free to import & export, and does not have a hindrance against import & export as Korean government issues a plant quarantine certificate.

Paper case is used with non-chlorine pulp, got a water-proof function, adhesion and coating were not done to make it restore conveniently.

Type : A product that directly sows
Feature : Hydroponics. Photo or card can be removed or mounted. Message can be jot down on the box.
Packing : Growing mat, Pot, Well, Seeds, Water tray
Display : 6 pcs per set
Watering : Fill a water tray through the well
Caution : After 1~2 months, translate seedlings to a garden
Information : Photo or post card can be held rear background, and message can be jot down so as to deliver message continuously during planting.
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Blooming Inc

Street:#202, 396-11, Daebang-Dong, Dongjak-Gu
Postal code:156811
Country:South Korea
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Name and Surname: Bongkyun Ryu
Phone: +82 2 62631177
Mobile: +82 193123120
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